It’s been a bit quiet around Insiders lately: writing long posts take work, and we’d rather be enjoying the sunshine. But that doesn’t mean things have stopped happening. Make sure to check out AMS Confidential’s News for N00bs for the latest news (and lulz!); rather than overlap, we’ll come up with our own alliterative title […]

Just a quick post to let everyone know the 2010 congregation ceremonies are taking place this week. Yesterday, English, Econ and other small arts programs crossed the stage. Today it’s more of the same, including Poli Sci, Law and Education. Telestudios airs a live stream of the ceremonies, unfortunately using Microsoft proprietary platforms (.asx and […]

Yes, The Killers Killed the Liquor at Thunderbird Arena

Posted by: | February 1, 2010 | Comments Off on Yes, The Killers Killed the Liquor at Thunderbird Arena

Avid readers of this blog may recall a post from last summer entitled: “Did The Killers Kill the Liquor at Thunderbird Arena?” The original post should be read in its entirety, but if you’re too lazy the synopsis is that in July 2009, UBC Athletics put an application forward to amend the liquor licence at […]

Last fall, the Board of Governors gave its consent to UBC’s newest policy, Policy 92: Land Use and Permitting. Look closely at the top right-hand corner of the policy. The approval date listed is October 2009. . . One problem: the Board never met in October.. .. From BoG website.

Province Announces Review of Society Act

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For the first major time since 1977, the Province will be conducting a review of the Society Act. The Society Act is the legislation which the AMS exists under. There are similar acts in BC law which deal with other forms of incorporated bodies, such as businesses and cooperatives. Societies are incorporated not-for-profit bodies. From […]

We need to be able to acknowledge current political structures, like the government, and the law, and work within them for reform. Equally important however, is that we engage in an active critique of those structures, which should entail some forms of confrontation. – Stefanie Ratjen speaks on civil liberties and the 2010 Winter Olympic […]

Summer News Recap

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Happy First Week all. Here’s what happened while you were out. On Campus The Student Board of Governors representatives turned over. Tim Blair bids farewell, as Michael Duncan takes his place. Bijan Ahmadian and Alexandra Caldwell (UBC-O) were re-elected for their respective second terms. The University approved a plan to in-fill Totem residence. This was met with surprise […]

Gordo In Da House

Posted by: | May 12, 2009 | 2 Comments

Ah, election day. The day I walk into the SUB for my morning coffee and notice over a dozen cameramen and reporters just milling about in the concourse. Were there more bonfires last night? Another murder in the park? Doesn’t seem likely. Who’s that grey-haired man with snazzy glasses walking in with an entourage? Why […]

UBC in the news

Posted by: | May 5, 2009 | 1 Comment

I definitely don’t want to turn into a news aggregator blog, but there have been a number of UBC news items lately that I thought were interesting and wanted to share. And trust me, I think it’s totally lame when I read something that is just a recap of other stories I’ve already read or […]

Pierre Shakes It Up

Posted by: | May 2, 2009 | 2 Comments

Pierre Ouillet, UBC’s recently hired VP Finance, Resources, Operations is getting down to business. In a memo dated April 2, significant changes to the structure of many units in his portfolio were outlined. At first, it may seem strange that one of the stated aims was “an imperative to streamline and simplify our organizational structure […]

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