Seen in the photo below from L to R are Andrew Fergusson, Marion Pollock, Natalie Bocking, Tim Chu and Blake Frederick. The photo was taken at a social event at the BC NDP Convention that took place from Friday Nov 27 to Sunday Nov 29. While we cannot confirm the exact time and date this […]

. We therefore call upon the United Nations Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights to investigate the widespread violation and disregard for international law in Canada, and further to employ all and every means available to pressure the governments of Canada and its provinces into compliance with the Covenant. This was written in 2005. […]

A spirited emergency AMS council meeting took place tonight to react to Blake Frederick’s human rights complaint to the UN. Because of the large turnout, the meeting took place in the Hebb Theatre and went for approximately three hours. At its most populated, there were 175-200 students present, with a large number of students-at-large. As […]

Three Questions for the President

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Before Imagine day, I managed to sit down with Presidents Toope and Frederick to ask them three questions: 1. How will the Class of 2013’s UBC experience differ from the Class of 2010’s? 2. What is the value of an incoming undergraduate to the University? 3. Why did the entering class decide to come to […]

Summer News Recap

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Happy First Week all. Here’s what happened while you were out. On Campus The Student Board of Governors representatives turned over. Tim Blair bids farewell, as Michael Duncan takes his place. Bijan Ahmadian and Alexandra Caldwell (UBC-O) were re-elected for their respective second terms. The University approved a plan to in-fill Totem residence. This was met with surprise […]

Jeff Friedrich is the current AMS president. These are his words. (Cartoon by JJ McCullough):Ok… not to add fuel to the endorsement fire- but endorsing joke candidates? Maayan and Timmy, I think you two can step up and make a real choice here. And nothing against Erin, but being a joke candidate affords you a […]

Erin Rennie. The posture of a winner! Photo Gerald Deo Tim beat me to the punch, but I swear my draft was here first. I decided to vote for Erin Rennie yesterday at around 12:15. Tim’s got good reasons to choose her; I feel similarly. She’s got council experience, reams of brains, and a far […]

TLG's Guide to Voting

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Now don’t go and get your knickers in a knot – these aren’t endorsements. Far be it from me to, from the comfort of my 26th-story office, pass judgment on candidates I barely know, in an election in which I am ineligible to cast a vote. So rather than saying whom to vote for, I’ll […]

Today saw two additional rounds of debates – one at noon for the President, VP Academic, and VP finance races, and an additional one in the evening over beers at The Gallery for the VP Administration, VP External, and Senate races. All but the BoG candidates had their chance in the hotseat. These are my […]

The three “serious” presidential candidates. Foot-in-mouth disease? So I was only at about the first 20 minutes of yesterday’s candidate debate in the SUB conversation pit. That means I got to hear the presidential candidates answer a few questions. It was a little painful. Not to be a hater, but I don’ think it’s too […]

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