Monday saw the first-ever gathering of three of UBC’s preeminent bloggers. In an unprecedented move, the three pen-wielding heavyweights met for sweet-potato frites and girly beer at a depressingly swish, undisclosed Main St. location. In two and a half hours of talks, Eom professed the “new worldliness” of her pinot, and Louman-Gardiner brought up his disapproval of yellow shirts, while Kreitzman revealed plans to change her hair to blue. It was agreed that Cambie would soon be the new Main, and the three unanimously vetted the statement that “it is not one’s responsibility to keep track of strings of an ex’s SO’s names,” but there remained an uneasy disagreement on the question of the value judgement inherent in the word “hack.”

Louman-Gardiner sported a sharp boy-scout-turned-office-lackey look in a dress shirt and tie, while Kreitzman scored the “what was she thinking?!” prize in a nubly woolen cardigan and cowboy boots. Eom looked ravishing in high-collared silk blouse and signature heels, and Reka Pataky charmed in a cropped hairstyle and draped collar.

This meeting is perceived to be a landmark in the UBC blogging landscape, but it may prove to be of symbolic, rather than practical significance. The three have been blogging together for months without an apparent lack of unity, confirmed a high-level source. This will simply solidify their image as a triumvirate to take notice of, he said. But all may not be as well as it looks in the world of UBC Insiders. Reports of Eom’s imminent departure for her native land of Germany could signal a new era for the political blog.


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  1. Anonymous on August 30, 2007 10:59 pm

    It’s posts like this one that make me glad we have a “What the Fuck” tag.


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