Just got a mail from the planning department: St. John Hospice will not be built behind Marine Drive! There is much to rejoice here, as it points to something in the planning cycle working. Here’s the letter that made my morning.


This email is a follow-up to your feedback received concerning the Development Permit application for St John Hospice (DP09017) for a 14,390 sqft two-storey structure comprising 12 units located south of the intersection of Marine Drive and University Boulevard.

Through the development review process, we have received feedback from the campus community on the facility. While the community generally supports the concept of a hospice, we have received objections to the location on Marine Drive, south of the intersection with University Boulevard. Consequently, the University and the sponsors of the project, the Order of St John and the Faculty of Medicine, have decided to search for a new location for the hospice on the UBC Vancouver Point Grey campus.

The evaluation of alternative sites will be considered by the President’s Property and Planning Advisory Committee (PPPAC) and the choice of the site will be ratified by the UBC Executive and the Board of Governors.

Thank you for your feedback through our development review process and for your interest in the future of UBC Vancouver’s campus.

Yours truly


Joe Stott
Director, Campus and Community Planning
University of British Columbia

A ton of thanks to all the students who engaged themselves in the process, and to the University for taking the time to listen, and reconsider.


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  2. Matt Corker on October 2, 2009 1:00 pm

    Congrats on this Alex. Well done!

  3. Nicholas FitzGerald on October 2, 2009 2:40 pm

    w00t! Congrats! This is great news and good to see that our voices were heard.

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