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“VP-Admin elect Tristan Markle adding ‘Right to Cheat’ to posters in support of VP-Academic elect Alex Lougheed” This was obviously meant to be public. If you’re not up on the controversy surrounding the VP Academic race, refer to the Ubyssey here and here. The implications of publicly discrediting a fellow executive-elect are unclear, but probably […]

Tristan Markle 446 Shawn Stewart 306 Stephen McCarthy 280 Mike Kushnir 194 Yian Messoloras 189 Stephanie Ryan 104 J Mac The Keg 44 Aaron Palm 42 Congratulations to Tristan! Looks like the knolligarchy managed to swing it for him. Pretty good voter turnout. One more note: EA Brendan Piovesan resigned, effective today. Someone else will […]

Candidate analysis, random thoughts, EA deprecation, and who Maayan is voting for all rolled into one glorious post. Well, voting is now on for the re-vote for the fifth AMS executive position. The VP Administration race was cancelled in mid-campaign two weeks ago. Despite the fact that this cancellation was not allowed by AMS code, […]

oh, come on

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This is a wholesale lifting of Alex Lougheed’s facebook note, in which he notices that Stephen McCarthy isn’t on the ballot. How to vote in the AMS Special ElectionThe original can be found here. Props to Alex for: voting at 1am, having eagle eyes, and also wicked MSPaint skills.

I’ve had a busy couple days with Ubyssey, work, school, and photoshoots, so I haven’t had much of a chance to post photos. Anyway, these are from Thursday’s debates.The elections start tomorrow: be sure to get the word out and encourage your friends to get informed and get their vote on!Mike Kushnir is now running […]

The race for the fifth AMS executive position, VP Administration, was cancelled in mid-campaign due to “campaigning irregularities.” While this cancellation was probably contrary to AMS code, and details were never confirmed by Elections Administrator Brendan Piovesan, a new race is soon to launch. And according to the rumor-mill, and the volume of nomination papers […]

Candidate questionnaire: "Scary" Mike "the Rabbi" Kushnir

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Why do you want to be the VP Admin of the AMS?i’m really the only qualified candidate for the job, seeing as howneither of my opponents seem to be either scandal-free or capable ofhandling the intense pressure of the job. the way i see it, the VP-adminposition is more or less like being a First […]

Candidate Questionnaire: Sarah Naiman

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What personal skills and experiences could you bring to the portfolio? I have done the position before! With a new General Manager and the upcoming SUB Renewal Referendum, it is essential to have at least one of the VPs return to provide the continuity. For the SUB referendum to be a success and the consultation […]

Yian is a VP Admin Candidate. Why do you want to be the VP Admin of the AMS?My experience is the driving force behind my decision to run for this position because I feel confident that I possess all the skills and knowledge necessary to manage and supervise the renovations and possible additions that will […]

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