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Pollinator Poetry Posted!

Over one hundred and thirty poems from all over the world were submitted to the Pollinator Poetry contest in June 2016. After quite a bit of deliberating, a jury comprised of poets, artists and bee experts decided on the ten winning poems. The chosen ten will be appearing around Kelowna in a Poetry Post this fall and winter. Look for it at the Kelowna Art Gallery until October 2nd and then catch it at the Laurel Packinghouse during the month of October.

The winning poems are as follows:

Paint Brush, Yvonne Blomer, Victoria, BC
Read here: yvonne_blomer

Birds & Bees, Meri Culp, Tallahassee, Florida
Read here: meri_culp

Summer House, Morgan Downie, Perth, Scotland
Read here: morgan_downie

Bees in Late Autumn, Tami Haaland, Billings, Montana
Read here: tami_haaland

The Answering Machine, Lisa Huffaker, Dallas, Texas
Read here: lisa_huffaker

We collide, Guillaume Loslier-Pinard, Montreal, Quebec
Read here: guillaume_losier_pinard

February Bumblebees, Christine Lowther, Tofino, BC
Read here: christine_lowther

Wild Bees, Rhona McAdam, Victoria, BC
Read here: rhona_mcadam

Inside the Garden: Bees, Wendy Morton, Victoria, BC
Read here: wendy_morton

The Garden and the Gardener, Phoebe Reeves, Cincinnati, Ohio
Read here: poebe_reeves

The public will have an opportunity to read the winning poems housed in the Post and take a free copy of the poem home with them to enjoy. Poetry Posts or “poetry boxes” are “little free libraries” that contain poems instead of books. Passersby are encouraged to read “The Poem of the Week” and perhaps take copies, or leave new poems in return.  The Post will pop up in multiple locations in Kelowna, as well as in Richmond BC in 2017.

Be sure to join us on Saturday October 1 2016 at the Kelowna Art Gallery for our Culture Days Events happening in conjunction with the For All Is For Yourself show. The Poetry Post will be there and we will have an open-mic and some local poets reading pollinator poetry. The open-mic starts at 1:30PM. All are welcome to come and share a poem or two about pollinators and take part in building an Insect Hotel for the Kelowna Pollinator Pasture.

The original poetry came from contributors throughout Canada, the United States and the U.K.  Poets responded with passion, beauty, humour and sadness to the topic of pollinators, our relationship to wild pollinators as well as honey bees and the plight of pollinators in the world.  The winners received $50 (Cdn) each.

Judges for the contest were poets Nancy Holmes and Fionncara MacEoin, artist/ theorist Cameron Cartiere, and pollination scientist Dr. Elizabeth Elle.