Weblog as developer’s tool and feedback mechanism…

I came across CAREO programmer D’Arcy Norman’s weblog a couple weeks ago. UBC is in the process of installing an instance of the repository, and it’s fascinating to watch how features that get mentioned in conference calls (such as the “theming engine“) are evolving. In addition to serving as a personal space for D’Arcy to document progress and organize resources, the weblog offers me something of a minds-eye view from one of the creators as the repository develops. Good, weird fun, for me at least.

A new feature which I think has real potential: the ability to define a search string as an RSS feed. I have a subscription for “learning objects” [XML] running on NetNewsWire now… if a resource is entered into CAREO that matches that query, I will know about it within minutes, and be able to see it without logging into the repository.

Also, it appears that Tim Bray from Antarctica might be in the house. Very cool. I once saw Bray give a talk here at UBC on visual representation, and came away most impressed.

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