Weblogs in BC’s Post-Secondary Education Community (?)

I enjoyed getting to know Scott Leslie from C2T2 at last week’s meetings… he seems to be wrestling with a lot of the same issues that I am, and is excited by many of the same possibilities. Even better, he is significantly more informed than I am on most counts — in all a near-perfect networking contact.

He’s running a fine weblog called EdTechPost — which he started as a private space but now seems to be surfacing — and on it he floats the notion of using C2T2’s ETUG-L online forum or an upcoming event in Merrit to explore the use of weblogs in post-secondary environments. If you are in British Columbia and are interested in participating (you are, aren’t you?) drop Scott an email (sleslie@c2t2.ca).

Scott praises my weblog for occasionally posting material that doesn’t come from the tight blogosphere within the ed tech community. In that spirit, I’m going to rip off his page for the next couple of postings…

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I am a Strategist and Discoordinator with UBC's Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology. My main blogging space is Abject Learning, and I sporadically update a short bio with publications and presentations over there as well...
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