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Alan turned me on to an intriguing event hosted by the Open Space Institute (US):

We are building an interactive database on Open Space applications in education. While the wiki space is already open and waiting for your stories, the weekend of February 14-15, 2004 is intended to be another focused time for our real time interaction. Will you help the Community create an archive of case studies/ stories/experiences involving Open Space and education?

Our objectives are twofold:

# Improve our practice as facilitators by learning from the experience of others who have used OST in education.
# Create a rich resource for future sponsors to visit and understand the benefits of using Open Space in education. Our dedicated wiki can be accessed by directing your web browser to: OpenSpaceinEducation

:: (More information)

I hope I can get it together to throw some verbiage onto the site over the next couple days, as I won’t be able to take part in the event this weekend. I’ll be busy para-sailing, racing my top-fuel funny car, and launching the spring collection of my personal line of golf shirts, Lamb on the Links — all proceeds to my favorite charity, the name of which I cannot disclose at this time due to pending litigation.

I’ll also have to make time for at least one full-on red-faced foot-stomping shrill-shrieking temper tantrum, and then stare off into space in full-blown catatonia for hours and hours.

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