Consider the day’s events:

The Register posts an interview with a link spammer, regaling us with tales of the big money to be made pushing PPC (pills, porn, casinos), the many technical advantages spammers enjoy, and their near-limitless prospects for continued success. Many illuminating bits of strategy and tough-minded wisdom:

Darwin would understand. Link spamming, with its abuse of common resources, turns out the most efficient, just as cutting down virgin Indonesian and Amazonian rain forest is the most efficient way for loggers there to get wood. If it raises the global temperature of the blogging community, well, that’s life on planet internet, isn’t it?

Why not just buy a Google ad, Sam? “You don’t get anything like the same click-through ratio. Jakob Nielsen’s studies and my own show you get six or seven times more click-throughs from ‘organic’ search results. And pay-per-click on search engines costs money! It can be

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  1. spam is an ongoing cat and mouse game.

    It’s not the end of tools like blogdex. They just need to evolve with it.

    The anti spam code at blogsnow from 3 months ago worked great. Back then. But if it would not have been updated in the meantime, then it would fail in todays version of the internet. Sofar it didn’t. Antispam is just work. Not more, not less.


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