Feedback loop: a podcast resource weblog…

As a cumulative assessment project for one of my Office’s co-op work-placement students, I asked Frank Pan to develop a weblog/resource to support personal audio production and podcasting. As usual, I was pretty vague in my instructions to him (in my experience, cutting the younger set loose prompts wonderful surprises). I told him I wanted a home for our efforts in this area, a collection of resources and tutorials (appropriate reuse was fine), and a launch pad for RSS enclosures for podcasts. The intended audience is educators at UBC (and beyond) who are hearing the buzz and are looking for help to get sonic.

The version I am to evaluate can be found at:

I am far from an expert in this area, so if anyone has feedback or suggestions (which can directed to myself or to Frank) they would be appreciated. I should note that I have been very pleased with Frank’s efforts this term, and that will be reflected in my evaluation — people need not worry about screwing with an eager young student’s grade by offering some constructive criticism.

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