An aggRSSive crash course in brain surgery

Now that I have totally botched my half-baked plans for a gentle launch, maybe I should give a quick overview of what aggRSSive actually is

I should note I am writing this post in extreme haste (I’m off work today, and about to take on childminding duties for a totall of three toddlers).

Essentially aggRSSive is a combination of the Magpie RSS Parser, Feed2JS, and Freetag. Its main features:

* It stores RSS feeds, and tags them in folksonomy fashion. Each user’s tags are stored on the sidebar so you only need to type a tag out once — after that you can click on a tag while you are entering the feed and it will be added automatically.
* It allows users to collect useful feeds in their own accounts, and can function as a rudimentary RSS reader. (This feature will hopefully be enhance in phase 2.) You can add feeds to your collection by hitting the “add” button next to existing feeds, or by adding them via the textboxes scattered about the site.
* Users can combine feeds into bundles that we call “aggRSSives”. These feed bundles are identified by the little next to the feed title. To create an aggRSSive, you need to have the feeds entered into your account. You select the feeds you wish to bundle by clicking the check-boxes next to the feed titles. These feeds are then listed in a “Heart-Cart” on the bottom of the right-hand sidebar. If you select “create an aggRSSive” from the drop menu, you will be walked through the steps to create the bundle.


* If you click on “More Info” next to a feed title, you will see the tags you’ve added to the feed, and you can click “Feed Your Site” to generate the javascript to do so. The menu for this is more or less the same as Feed2JS.

Sorry for the lack of clarity to this post. The toddlers are getting restless. This preview is for the keeners only — things should be much tidier (and the instructions clearer) early next week. As I mentioned in the previous post, we only froze coding yesterday.

Update: I removed the link to aggRSSive for now. If you would like more information please contact me by email.

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  1. Keeners? Those wailing away in grief?!?

    Back on topic. Agressive hearts: perfect. This looks cool as it can be. Thanks (again).

  2. Jeff says:

    Interesting! Hope to hear more about this at the WebCT conference!

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