Now, if only someone could help me to visualise the change in my frontal lobe…

Jon Udell’s latest screencast on visualizing change is the usual mind-expanding stuff. I only had a few minutes to follow through on the links, but those few minutes not only snagged me a nifty tool for viewing editorial processes in Wikipedia entries (which will be incredibly useful for demos and workshops), but also prompted me to install and use Greasemonkey (making the notion of “user scripts” tangible to me for the first time).

As ever, Udell sums it up better than I could ever hope to:

I’m not just trying to highlight Wikipedia’s collaborative revisioning or showcase another cool Greasemonkey hack. There is a larger theme. In the realm of content as in the realm of software — two domains that seem determined to merge — everything is changing all the time. We will increasingly require, and come to depend on, tools that help us visualize and manage the flux.

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