Diving back into text technologies

One of the best pieces of personal news I received over the past month was re-appointment as instructor for Text Technologies: The Changing Spaces of Reading and Writing, a course offered as part of UBC’s Master of Educational Technology program.

Teaching the course last year was among the most challenging and rewarding professional experiences that I’ve ever had. But I was rather intimidated through much of the semester, and I’m very much looking forward to having another opportunity with a bit more confidence and familiarity with the material. It’s also a chance to work again with Jeff Miller (where’s dat blog?), which is always a mind-expanding blast.

In the meantime, course revisions are among the tasks that require my urgent attention. Last year we experimented with a course weblog, and modified version of the Rip Mix Feed online hootenanny I developed with Alan Levine. This year we intend to deepen and expand these elements… The main body of the course lives inside WebCT, but part of our plan is to nudge more of the discourse onto the wider web. Hopefully there will be ample developments to report over the next few months.

Now, to reread Ong and Bolter

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