I have no integrity, and “Run away! Run away!”

After all my posturing, I ended up going to “Heat Up the Street”. A couple of people who apparently read this blog came up to me and asked: “I thought you said you were too cool for this.” Which I don’t think was exactly what I wrote, but I’ll take my lumps. The event itself was exactly as advertised.

Just goes to show I will go just about anywhere if the company is right. Listening to ten minutes of Gardner and Bryan argue about the movie Signs (photo above) was worth the trip to Orlando all by itself. I’d drive to Tierra del Fuego for ten more minutes of that.

On another note — I’ve received a couple thoughtful notes asking about my status here in the hurricane path. I managed to secure an earlier flight out of the city, and assuming I get past the bottlenecks in security should be well clear by the time Wilma hits. My thoughts and best wishes are with all those not fortunate enough to jump on a plane and escape.

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