Grabbag o’ goodness for your computer screen…

My buddy, co-conspirator and guru Jeff Miller, who assures me he will be publicly blogging soon, is in Dubrovnik (lucky bastard), giving what I’m sure was a smashing wikified presentation on emerging technologies for the CARNet Users’ Conference (worth checking out for the selection of CC-licensed images from Flickr alone, not to mention the pretty fine content).

The keynote at the conference was delivered by Joi Ito, who Jeff tells me showed this nifty animation of Technorati tagging. More sizzle than steak, but well-done and it makes the point in succinct fashion.

Which reminds me of this snazzy take-down of Ticketmaster Jeff sent me last week. (Come on Miller, blog it yerself!)

Which reminds me of this truly surreal bit of alien performance art riffing on Tom Cuise and Matt Lauer. (Forget where I found this, probably Boing Boing.)

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