Every day is Christmas, every night is New Year’s Eve

Looking ahead to a week jam-packed with performance and peril, and the technology is not cooperating.

On the home front, the aging plumbing in our bathroom seized up last week, rendering our tub/shower non-functional. Not easy to find a plumber in Vancouver these days — we eventually found a “fun” plumber, who is doing what he can to fit us into his schedule. Since we have to rip the walls apart to even minimally fix things, we’ve decided to move ahead and replace the whole tub and tiling setup. Not that it fits anywhere near our present financial reality, but “financial reality” and “home debtorship in Vancouver” are mutually exclusive terms anyway. Our fun plumber expects me to the prep work and line up the replacement units (which had me scoping out slightly damaged tubs at 7:30 this morning looking for a deal), and then do the work with him in stages in the evenings.

On the work front, my decidedly non-aging laptop has also seized up, rendering it non-functional. I am at an utter loss on the cause — there had been no danger signs, and I have treated this machine with reverence and more than due care.

My wrists are already aching from the lousy ergonomics of my temporary work setup. So a trip the physiotherapist is likely in my future as well.

Nothing to do but play droning dissonant music on the headphones, flail away at my laughably long list of to-do items, and try to ride this sucker out.

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