Edublogger Hootenanny – The Draggin Remix

We recorded the Hootenanny at Moose Camp, and now Jason has mixed the thirty minutes down to a ten minute Moosecamp Mashup (4.2 MB).

Jason has done an excellent job of pulling out the points, cleaning up the noisy bits, and layering it all into a very fast and dense package. That’s Scott’s “El Guapo’s Revenge” in the background, which he was mixing live at the beginning of the session. My only regret is that more of the points made by attendees aren’t in the final mix — but that’s largely because the microphones were in the centre of the room with the facilitators, and therefore our source audio came out clearer. So most of the talking here is done by Scott, D’Arcy, Alan, and myself. There’s some great stuff toward the end by Mark Mayo from the Genome Sciences Centre, who have set up a very sophisticated weblog network to support research, with refined aggregation and redistribution (he cautions that this stuff is “fairly non-trivial”). If you were there and hear yourself in the track, feel free to identify yourself.

I am really pleased with Jason’s mix — but I was there, and have a high tolerance for sonic chaos. I’d be interested in knowing if others are able to follow this, and if they find it a worthwhile listen.

Lesson learned — I want to do more of this type of thing in the future, but I have great deal to learn about the art of recording a room full of people talking. One obvious thing to remember in the future is to account for projector noise — gotta keep it well away from the microphones.

On a related note be sure to check out Alan’s post on social software in action, tracking the spontaneous evolution of media capturing Nancy White’s NV presentation resulting in this multimedia mix on the server:

Doesn’t this set of unplanned, network-enabled collaborations add so much more valuable context to the experience? Let’s follow the geographic trail- starting from a session presented and recorded in Vancouver BC, audio loaded to a blog in Arizona, images uploaded from Seattle, a movie produced from Hong Kong, and a distilled session summary from Portugal!

None of this was done via any snazzy, über-cool-logo IPO seeking Web 2.0 software. It would not happen inside a singular, expensive, closed wall enterprise-ware application. None of it was designed, planned, or directed. It just happened, almost in its own?, as do many meaningful social interactions. ‘Social Software’ has less to do with software than the internet protocols that allow it, and everything to do with the “social” end of it.

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  1. Leon Lighips says:

    You fancypants think you are cocks of the walk, don’t you? You’ll get what’s coming, I assure you. Wait till you see what I’m cooking up.

  2. Brian says:

    Hmmm… is that bologna I smell in the frying pan?

  3. Leon Lighips says:

    You are fast, my dim-witted Canadian friend. I commend you. But I am faster.

  4. Oh good lords. I thought Leroy finally crawled back under his/her rock… Lovely…

  5. Scott Leslie says:

    Brian, are you off your meds again? Leon my ass.

    Nice job, it actually sounds like there is a reasonably coherent conversation going on 😉

  6. Brian says:

    I have Leon buzzing around my hive and I’m off my meds. Fine.

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