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Don’t call it a Northern Voice wrap-up. Part one – what worked

Three days last week that were definitely of the drinking water (or beer) from the firehose variety. So insight does not run deep. Rather than attempt a comprehensive overview, I’ll jot down some of the things that in my view … Continue reading

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Edublogger pre-conference session wrap-up…

… more than ably done by D’Arcy. I’m manic and exhausted, so I’m grateful he did this. When I go back and try to make sense of this all, I will be consulting D’Arcy’s post. And an overview of the … Continue reading

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And away we go…

Roland in Vancouver369.jpg Originally uploaded by roland. …things are going way too smoothly. But I really don’t have time to say more than that. As ever, the live action is captured on the Flickr and Technorati feeds…

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Attention all conference organizers: mid-day yoga please

Photo by KK If you are organizing a conference: ditch the chicken, get a lighter, less-expensive food option, and hire a yoga teacher for a midday session. I attended Sarah Pullman’s Moose Camp version of Yoga For Geeks today, and … Continue reading

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The Moose is in motion

Forgot my camera, but it doesn’t matter much as the the Flickr feed is humming. As ever, I am especially in awe of KK’s shots. Our own Moose Camp Hootenanny went pretty well, I think. We had a good turnout … Continue reading

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Shave and a haircut

I had let myself go. To get ready for Northern Voice I needed to clean up, quickly and cheaply, and only a skilled Italian barber could help me. The classic barbershop shave, in particular the refined Italian variety laden with … Continue reading

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…compels me to share this slightly embarrassing, (and time-sensitive) artifact of what happens when I encounter the local mass media. Not embarrassing for any reason other than my own brittle self-concept. And this piece was much better than my last … Continue reading

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Onward to the next freakouts — the salon, the hootenanny, the conference, the feasts

OK, now that I’ve grunted my way through the VPL session, and sank teeth into the fish tacos, and delivered my first podcast workshop (it was fun) the next wall I’m careening towards is Northern Voice. Some of my personal … Continue reading

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The Internet is a Despot’s Best Friend

Those who presume there is an inherently liberatory element to online communication, that the internet never forgets, or that information wants to be free might want to engage this media literacy experiment set up by Stay Free!: Below (you can … Continue reading

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One more shout out

Allow me to join the chorus of huzzahs for Will Richardson’s bold life decision. So what comes May 16th? Not sure, really. More reading, writing, parenting, husbanding time. More and better blogging, and more blogvangelism, I hope. Another book, or … Continue reading

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