Ego-blogging redux: a couple presentations

So I didn’t feel great about how my talk at Open Education went, but my friends have kind of turned me around… Jim has convinced me that my extensive rant on rats was not a psychotic episode, as I had feared, but actually a symbolic working out of complex relationships concerning work, society and self. Honestly, this may be one of those cases where the critic pulls out something the author didn’t know was there, but is nonetheless on the money. It certainly gratifies my ego to suppose so, authorial intention be damned. And D’Arcy is such a fantastic photographer that he managed some shots of my session that don’t embarrass me.

Then again, it seems my session is the only one for which the conference organizers are withholding the audio. Can’t say I blame them. There may well be legal liability issues, I don’t intend to push the issue.

Two upcoming sessions I’ve been shamed into promoting here:

* Tomorrow, October 4th at 12 noon PST I am doing a virtual session on mash-ups for the Wimba desktop speaker series. My boss gave me a gentle chiding this morning for not plugging this… To be frank, I plan something pretty close to my portion of the Open, Connected and Social event done with my amigos a few months back, with a few new wrinkles.

* Slideshare has made the teaser for More Than Cool Tools its featured slidecast of the day. This may end up bearing some small resemblance to a session with Alan and D’Arcy for next month’s K12 Online Conference. BTW, the audio is not the Tijuana Brass, but this knock-off from the 365 Days Project.

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  1. Scott Leslie says:

    Actually, I think it was both, as in “psychotic episode as symbolic working out of complex relationships concerning work, society and self.” I was just waiting for you to start quoting from The Deer Hunter. But seriously, it was one of those really memorable performances, and I mean that in the best sense of the word.

  2. “Jim has convinced me that my extensive rant on rats …” Funniest thing I’ve read today.

    do you think the conf could release your audio on DVD?

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