Anatomy of a Twitterjacking

I never thought it would be possible, but there’s a show on CBC radio that I actually find funny. WireTap with Jonathan Goldstein is a little uneven, but is definitely a welcome addition to my weekly podcast regimen.

I enjoyed the most recent episode, “My Imposter”: a rare but evidently sincere WireTap detour into reality, however weird…

Hear about a somewhat uncomprehending Jonathan Goldstein setting up a dull Twitter account.

Hear about the more colourful bogus Jonathan Goldstein Twitter account, one that attempts to “provide a more authentic, satisfying and interactive JG Twitter experience than the real Goldstein.” Naturally, this is the account I’ve been following the past few months, never questioning its veracity.

Hear the phone conversation when Goldstein calls up and confronts his online imposter. Negotiations on who will conduct what elements of the Goldstein existence ensue.

I can’t figure out how to link directly to the podcast (nice work CBC!), but as I write this it is the most recent episode listed here. If you are reading this is some distant future age, I send you my greetings from the depths of forgotten history, wonder if you fly around with jetpacks yet, and note that the episode takes place on WireTap Season 6, and is entitled “My Imposter”.

Enjoy! Or, ignore! I really don’t care!

Fun fact: my spellcheck is certain that I am misspelling “imposter” – I give up.

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  1. You mean ‘imposster’?

  2. Brian says:

    Tried that too. This spellcheck is driving me batty!

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