Success with TA Training Fund!

Once again, my application to UBC to fund Psychology TA Development has been successful – yay! I apply annually for funding, which comes from the Office of the Provost and VP Academic: Over the past three years, I am grateful to have received $11 625.75 toward the training and development of our Teaching Assistants and Teaching Fellows in Psychology. Thanks to everyone who participates in these events for demonstrating a committment to teaching. Below is an excerpt from the application outlining the upcoming programming for 2010/2011. I look forward to your participation!

The Psychology Graduate Student Professional Development Series in Teaching and Teaching Assistance will be launched in September 2010. This new title provides an organizing framework for our two existing programs, subsuming both the Teaching Assistant Development Program aimed at an introduction level, and the Professional Development in Teaching Program aimed for more experienced TAs and TFs (details for both are forthcoming).

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