Alternative to

Hello! Did you know that there’s a better alternative to Former students of mine will know the dangers of relying on the website for information about faculty teaching. One quick example of why it’s dangerous to rely on such data: One time on ratemyprofs I had ratings from a student who had never taken a course from me! That student went on and on about my teaching a course that I’d never taught before! Not exactly a great source of data, eh?

Here is a much more sound alternative: the official UBC results Average responses to the first six items are there. These are the six overall items, called University Module Items (UMIs) that are asked about every faculty member on campus (the rest of the questions are faculty or department specific). If you would like help interpreting the numbers, let me know! And rest assured, everyone who had access to rate instructors via this site was a student in that course!

Because I’m working on my book pretty furiously these days, I haven’t yet had a chance to deeply think about and post my results and reflections on this site… but that’s coming! In the mean time, my mean ratings are available on the above website. Happy course-hunting!

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