Intro psych section is full!

I’m starting to receive a few emails from people who are interested in my section of intro psych (Psyc 100 Section 002, MWF 1-2pm), but it’s full! First, thanks for your interest in my course! Second, don’t panic, there’s still a good chance you can make it in. There is always some shuffling around during the first week or two of class. If you don’t happen to make it in on your first try, then I recommend coming to class and treating it as if you’re enrolled, then watching the registration carefully so when a spot opens you can jump in. Good luck, and hope to see you in September!

Update: Please note that waiting lists *do not exist* for any psychology courses. Based on feedback from our admin staff, apparently they’re a logistical nightmare and we have way too many people interested in psychology courses to be able to manage them.

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