Midterm time already?

I can’t believe it’s almost October! This month has flown by! Yesterday I gave my first midterm tests in both my Research Methods (Psyc 217 Sections 001 and 002) and Intro (Psyc 100 Section 002) courses. That’s always a stressful day trying to ensure the most consistent and quality conditions for all 600 students. Overall I think they went smoothly.

In this post I described my plan to concentrate this semester on revamping the exams in my research methods courses. I’m pleased to report that I considered and re-considered each question, and ensured that each question was related to a learning objective either from the texts or class. To make this possible I created learning objectives for each chapter in the Stanovich text that I shared with my students and used as a starting point when creating/reconsidering exam questions. This strategy was in response to feedback from students who reported that the most important points in the Stanovich book were sometimes difficult to discern (he tends to go on a bit). If you’re in this course I’d love to hear feedback from you about how the exam went. Drop by my office hour or send me an email (or leave a comment here).

What I re-experience every September is how much I enjoy getting to know my students. When I know who you are and a bit about you it makes preparing for class and our time during class more fun. I’ve really enjoyed our conversations so far, and I look forward to getting to know as many of my 600 students this term as possible!

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