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Hope to see you at our STLHE conference presentation today: “Contributions and experiences of teaching focused faculty in Canada: Results from a national survey” (CON1.11a at 11:10am in McCain 2116, Dalhousie University). Here’s our handout:

STLHE 2017 Conference Handout Rawn Fox (Final)

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Our Abstract…

CON1.11a РContributions and Experiences of Teaching Focused Faculty in Canada: Results from a National Survey

Many Canadian institutions are implementing faculty positions that specialize in teaching, yet little scholarly understanding of these positions exists. We conducted the first national survey of Teaching Focused Faculty (TFF). Launched during STLHE 2015, we surveyed 251 TFF working in 18 institutions across seven Canadian provinces, representing a variety of disciplines and experience. TFF regularly engage in diverse scholarly activities spanning teaching, service, leadership, pedagogical and disciplinary research, and professional development. TFF value their positions more to the extent that they feel integrated as part of departmental and institutional cultures, feel fairly compensated, have clarity regarding promotion and tenure expectations, and participate in mentorship regarding teaching careers. We recommend that institutions continue to cultivate permanent TFF positions to offer positive career paths for people who contribute productively to the educational mission of universities. We offer best practice recommendations for institutions and departments.

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