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Why I Blog

Yesterday the Communications Assistant for the Faculty of Arts emailed me about featuring my blog on Artswire. She asked me why I blog. It was a great question that got me thinking about my initial motivations and how they’ve changed over the past couple of years. Here was my reply:

I blog for two reasons. First (and this was my initial motivation), I blog for professional ¬†development. It gives me a space to record my thought processes around teaching and learning, as well as document some artifacts of my teaching activities (e.g., syllabi, evaluations). Second, I blog to give my students a glimpse into my thinking and to expose me as–gasp!–a real human person. This came second only because I didn’t expect students to actually read it! After they started responding I realized I could harness this tool for this purpose.

I tweet (@cdrawn) for the same two reasons, but their order is switched. I started tweeting to share snippets of my thoughts and activities with interested students, and have ended up with some great professional networking in the teaching & learning community both @ubc and broadly.

my new website

Summer is beautiful expanse of time to get caught up on items from the “someday soon” to-do list that just don’t make it in to the school year frenzy. One of the first items on this list was to update my website. I developed my old site in the now-obsolete Microsoft FrontPage software, and haven’t been able to access it since I updated to MSOffice 2007 last year. It’s still online for now, until I develop this one and figure out how to link this page to my old url: I’m enjoying playing with WordPress; it seems rather intuitive and produces a nice sleek design. I like.

Over the coming days (and weeks) I’ll be adding the basic content to this site. Check back to see what I’ve been up to, and feel free to add suggestions and comments using the Comment feature (please no mushy comments, mom — hehe).