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The Internet: Burden or Blessing?

Postman (1992) suggested that technology is both a burden and a blessing. The Internet is a prime example of a technology that has benefits and drawbacks. While the Internet has vast amounts of information on any given topic, access is … Continue reading

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Technology and “Closure”

WALTER ONG  (2010) STATES in a very straightforward way that print “encourage the sense of closure” (p. 129). He does it in the context of a book that illustrate his categorical and binary (as Chandler called it) vision of information … Continue reading

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Memorization: A Shift from Oral to Literate Cultures

Memorization has long been a tool for retaining new knowledge.  Oral cultures of the past depended heavily on memorization to pass what was meaningful on to the next generation (Olick & Robbins, 1998).  Current learning theories such as cognitive information … Continue reading

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Commentary #1: Digitalization of everything

The road to digitalization As humans, adaptation has been a key part in ensuring the survival of our species. Over centuries, our ability to meet our basic necessities, such as hunting animals with spears and creating fire to cook, has … Continue reading

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The Winners are The Wealthy

Introduction In Technopoly, Postman (1992) urged his readers to think about both the benefits and detriments of technology. However, he also admitted that the mysterious nature of technology once released into society makes the benefits and detriments difficult to predict. … Continue reading

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Great Divide or Gentle Drift?

Great Divide or Gentle Drift? In his work Orality and Literacy, Ong (2002) suggests a number of distinctive characteristics that define ways of thinking for both oral and literate cultures. He uses these contrasting aspects to prove his bold theory … Continue reading

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Digital Dis-integration

In his 1999 article, “Escaping the digital dark age” Stewart Brand rigorously condemns the growing trend towards the digitization of information. “There has never been a time of such drastic and irretrievable information loss as right now” (46). He rejects … Continue reading

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Text and Technology

As a Language Arts teacher, and a person loves to geek it up with the curriculum, I instantly think of the ridiculous wording of the LA curriculum. It is a thing of beauty. It seems that the curriculum associated with … Continue reading

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While I was doing my daily web-browsing habits this morning, I came across a pin on Pinterest that brought a new thought to the word TEXT and its power. Yes, text or texting has power over each and every one … Continue reading

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Evolution of text, technology, and us

During the readings and posts this past week, I was reminded of a great video from several years ago by Pearl Jam, called “Do the Evolution”. The video is a great animated history of the world and society, and is pretty … Continue reading

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