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Remixing Text

After looking for the definition of text through several sources, a couple of words reappears. In Merriam-Webster it’s “the original words”. In Oxford English dictionary it’s “written or printed”. I began to think if there’s anything I would add to … Continue reading

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Text as Layers, Texture, Syntheses

I was reflecting on the meaning of the word ‘text’ when I came upon this interview with audio book narrator (and actor) Bronson Pinchot.  What struck me most when I was researching the word ‘text’, was how it has evolved … Continue reading

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Dancing about Architecture

“Framing all the great music out there only drags down its immediacy. The songs are lyrics, not speeches, and they’re tunes, not paintings. Writing about music is like dancing about architecture—it’s a really stupid thing to want to do.” – … Continue reading

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Bolter on Text

“What unity there is in an electronic text derives from the perpetually shifting       relationship among its verbal elements. What unity there is in the audience for that text comes from the momentary constellation of different economic and cultural … Continue reading

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Text and Mashups

“’Text’, from a root meaning ‘to weave’, is, in absolute terms, more compatible etymologically with oral utterance than is ‘literature’, which refers to letters entymologically/(literae) of the alphabet. Oral discourse has commonly been thought of even in oral milieus as … Continue reading

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The Text we Hold with Technology

While the means and methods for storage of data become smaller and smaller, the cumulative amount of saved and accumulated text will only increase. Used in its broadest sense, text comprises an almost inconceivably staggering collection of materials. In 2012, I … Continue reading

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Our Incessant Appetite defines text as “the main body of matter in a manuscript, book, newspaper,etc., as … the original words of an author or speaker, [and] as … the actual wording of anything written or printed” (text, n.d.). In searching for … Continue reading

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Text is a fingerprint

Text. I chose this picture for a couple of reasons. It was a picture that came up when I Googled the word text. I was curious to see what type of images appeared for this four letter word. I was … Continue reading

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Text as used in theatre

Text took on a special meaning for me last fall when I read the script of a play I was about to see. I read the play twice and thought it was really well constructed with surprising elements and interesting … Continue reading

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My Precious

I’m a techie.  There: I said it.  I love my gadgets and have admittedly been caught shedding tears over the perceived brilliance of some pieces of software.  I own, or have owned dozens upon dozens of “quality Apple products”, dating … Continue reading

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