150709_UBCLawStudentSocietyLogo_FINALHello, Class of 2019! My name is Sophie Marshall and I am the Director of Communications for the Allard Law Students’ Society (ALSS). As Director of Communications, I sit on the ALSS Executive and the Social Council, manage the ALSS website and send out the weekly ALSS Newsflash to keep you updated on upcoming events at the law school.

ALSS- social council+
Allard’s Annual Tricycle Race


What does the ALSS do?
The ALSS is your student government. We are involved in planning all aspects of student life at Allard, including academic affairs, social events and student wellness initiatives. There are 11 members on the ALSS Executive and you can learn more about their positions by visiting the ALSS webpage. 

Barber shop- movember
Friday Social – Movember Style

How can I get involved?
We are looking for an enthusiastic and motivated group of 1Ls to join our team! Joining the ALSS is fantastic way to get valuable experience, meet your fellow students from upper years and other small groups, and have your say on events and issues affecting the Allard community. We will be holding elections for 1L Representatives in September. There are 8 positions available on the Social Council (2 students per small group) and 4 positions on the Academic Council (1 student per small group).

If you like planning events, networking and having a good time, then Social Council is for you! The 1L Reps help organize the Friday socials (networking events sponsored by law firms) and larger events such as Boat Cruise, Trike Race and Semi-Formal. In the past, 1L Reps have also organized their own initiatives such as the Med/Law Mixer, Allard’s Movember fundraiser and Cancer Awareness Week.

Movember Adam and jer

“Organizing events like Friday socials and Semi-Formal was a great way to give back to the Allard community and to meet some amazing people along the way. Personally, I found coordinating the Movember initiative to be a great opportunity to meet my colleagues, get to know lawyers, and make a positive impact on men’s health.” – Adam Lazar, 2015-2016 1L Social Council Rep


If you’re interested in having a say in academic affairs, the Academic Council is the place for you! The Academic Council promotes communication and consultation between students and faculty by representing the interests of law students on various faculty and university committees. They make policy recommendations regarding the JD curriculum, exam procedures, tuition, and more. 1L Reps have the opportunity to sit on Allard’s Admissions, Curriculum and Examinations Committees, among others.

“By serving on Academic Council I was also on the Appointments Committee where I was able to be part of the hiring process for new professors including the Canada Research Chair position and the Feminist Legal Studies Chair position. The school really values students’ opinions on important matters, so I was lucky enough to conduct interviews with all the professors who applied, attend their job talks, and ultimately make my final recommendation.” – Alex Roberts, 2015-2016 1L Academic Council Rep

How can I stay updated on ALSS news and events?
Visit our website (www.allardlss.com), follow us on Instagram (@allardlss), sign up for the ALSS Newsflash (more information to come in September), or email me at info@allardlss.com!

ALSS Sophie marshall
ALSS Director of Communications- Sophie Marshall