Professor Sheppard:Tony Sheps

B.A., University of British Columbia

LL.B., University of British Columbia

LL.M., London School of Economics

Courses Taught: Property Law, Taxation, Equitable Remedies (will be teaching Scow Property Law in 2016/17).

Areas of Research: Creditors’ Remedies, Law of Evidence in the Digital Era, Equitable Jurisdiction.

Joined UBC in 1960 as a student, 1970 as a faculty member.

Non-Law Dream Job: Stand up comedian

Favourite Book/movie: My Cousin Vinnie (for its evidentiary issues when I taught law of Evidence)

Favourite Judicial Decision and Why:

In Property Law, Breskvar v Wall (1971), 126 CLR 376 (Aust HC) (illustrative of the indispensability of equitable principles even to a statutory scheme that tried to abolish them)