Curious about the details of some of the mandatory and optional Orientation Week events? Check out the preview below to get some more detail on some of the Orientation Events… (Note: these pictures are from previous years)

Meet your small grouMEET YOUR SMALL GROUP     
After registration, all students will head to classrooms where they will meet their section and upper year mentors and play some fun icebreakers! Find your section’s location below, and meet us there!



Welcome SeshDean Dauvergne will introduce and set the stage for Musqueam Elder Larry Grant, who will begin Orientation Week with a traditional Musqueam Welcome, followed by a performance and welcome by the Victor Guerin.Words of welcome will be offered to the Class of 2019 by Dean Catherine Dauvergne, Attorney General the Honourable Suzanne Anton, Law Society of British Columbia President David Crossin and Allard Law Students’ Society President Joshua Abaki. You will also hear from Assistant Dean of Students Kaila Mikkelsen and Orientation Coordinators Elise Kohno and Erin Kotz.


Following the Welcome Session, a BBQ lunch will be provided in the Hong Kong Alumni Student Lounge. Students are encouraged to use this time to mix and mingle with each other as well as upper year students and faculty (vegetarian options will be available)

MEET YOUR PROFESSORS                                    Meet your profs

This whirlwind session gives students the chance to meet and get to know their first-semester professors. Professors will introduce themselves, as well as introduce their course and areas of research. Your class syllabi and reading lists will be delivered electronically or in person at your first class.


Celebrate the start of your first week of law school with your classmates, faculty members and alumni at this reception. An upper year student photographer will be taking your unofficial Orientation Week section photos.  We apologize, but we cannot wait if you’re late! The evening will consist ofdelicious food, great company, and an inspirational address. This year, we will be featuring Josh Vander Vies as our keynote speaker, and you will also hear from Dean Catherine Dauvergne, Orientation Coordinators Elise Kohno and Erin Kotz, and Alumni Association president Kinji Bourchier.


CONVERSATION ON RESPECTFUL DIALOGUE                                   

The intention of the session is to recognize and celebrate the diversity of perspectives that co-exist at Allard Law, and gain some insight and tools on how to navigate respectful discussions on various subjects that come up inside and outside the classroom. Leading each discussion will be one faculty member and one upper year student. Please do not hesitate to get involved in the conversation and ask questions. This session is a respectful, open-minded, and friendly discussion – we welcome your input here and in continuing the conversation throughout the year.

ACADEMIC SUCCESS PANEL                                                                   

KailaWondering how to do well in law school? In this session, you will learn from Assistant Dean Kaila Mikkeslsen about support available for you during your time at law school. Take home a few tips from successful upper year students about prepping for class, taking class notes, and studying for exams! Most importantly, learn about the importance of balance in your life, even in the thick of it.


CAREERS PANEL               

The Careers Panel, presented by the Peter A. Allard School of Law Career Services Office (CSO), features prominent members of the legal profession who will introduce students to a diverse selection of careers they can pursue with a law degree.

Inaugural ‘Caffeine with the Dean’              Adam photograph  

Enjoy a refreshing break with coffee and snacks while mingling with Careers Panelists, professors, upper year students, and classmates. And you can get used to it!  The law school organizes Caffeine with the Dean once a month during term.


The Featuring Our Faculty Panel will introduce students to a selection of Peter A. Allard School of Law faculty members and their diverse areas of research. For the first time, the panel this year will also have a graduate student. It is a great opportunity to hear about various areas of law and to learn about your professors’ work outside the classroom.

LIFE OF A CASE                                                                         

Historically, this is one of the highlights of Orientation Week! Professor Nikos Harris will explain fundamental legal concepts by walking students through the life of a case.  Pay close attention and don’t forget to take notes!