Legal Education Outreach lion king

Legal Education Outreach (LEO) aims to inspire secondary school students to pursue a legal education regardless of their individual social circumstances.

In the fall and spring, LEO members present legal education workshops to students throughout the Lower Mainland. These workshops are designed to expose students to legal thinking, with topics including the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, criminal law, and contract law. At the end of each workshop, Allard students discuss their own reasons for attending law school and take questions from eager, enthusiastic students about post-secondary education.


LEO was formed in 2008 and is a popular Allard club. Most LEO participants will say it is a truly rewarding experience and one of their greatest memories from first year.


For the upcoming school year, the LEO executive are considering expanding the geographical outreach of the program and are working on ways to make workshops even more enjoyable for secondary school students and club members.

Congratulations on your invitation to join the Allard community, and we hope you consider joining LEO in the fall!