Squishy Academics Learn How to Rugby

women's rugbyLaw school and rugby may not seem to go naturally hand-in-hand, but for me, they always have. During your first week at Allard, you will be presented with the clubs and sports buffet; a scrumptious display of opportunities for you to sift through that will help determine the experience you have in 1L. For me, rugby was the one activity which rose above to endure while the other activities I had so ambitiously signed up for that day disappeared into the ether.

I have never been an incredible athlete, but I have the competitive spirit of a much more talentedliz rugby person to compensate. I may not have known how to play rugby when I signed up, but I knew that I could run, that I could catch a ball, and if I were lucky, that I could do those two things at the same time. Rugby ended up being the perfect excuse to get outside between classes, meet upper year students and wear unrelentingly bright neon cleats.

heena rugbyWe had weekly practices during the school year and a 1-day tournament each semester. If you’re not big on the whole being tackled into the cold hard ground idea, do not fear, as the women’s team plays international touch rules. So bring your competitive spirit, your varying levels of athletic ability and your love of a good post-game party to the Women’s Rugby Team: the Honey Badgers! See you on the field in September!


Written by Elisabeth Giffin (1L)