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Hi incoming 1Ls! Our names are Carly Stanhope and Emily Atkinson – Allard’s two Pro Bono Students Canada Coordinators for the upcoming year. Whether you applied to law school with a passion for social justice or a desire to conquer the corporate world, a placement with PBSC is a must!

The best part about PBSC is that it lets you make a real difference early on in your law career. PBSC matches law students with public interest and community organizations that are in need of legal services. As a student volunteer, you work closely with a supervising lawyer on projects that range from working weekly shifts in a legal clinic to producing a research piece. As a national program with chapters at most law schools across Canada, your PBSC experience will be recognized no matter which job market you seek to join. In short, PBSC is a win-win program: you get new, transferable legal skills and a chance to network with legal professionals, while public interest organizations get the legal services they need!


PBSC is perfect for 1Ls like yourselves for a few other reasons. First, the time commitment is minimal: just 3-5 hours per week no matter the placement. Second, we have the best food. Last year, we served sushi, nachos (guac not even extra!!) and Marble Slab ice cream at our events! Lastly, we are super available to chat all year long. Please don’t hesitate to drop us a line with any questions or concerns starting now!PBSC Carly and Emily

See you all in September!


Carly and Emily


Twitter: @PBSCUBC

Facebook: http://bit.ly/1XUGtzu