Things You Can do FREE with your UBC Card

As a UBC student, you have a ton of opportunities available to you – many of them for free, on your own campus!  Here is a list of some things you can do on the Vancouver campus for free with your UBC student card.

Vist the Museum of Anthropology.  Seriously, if you haven’t been to MOA yet, go.  It is sooo cool!  Even if museums aren’t really your thing, you can still wander through the outdoor exhibit space and check out the totem poles (although the coolest ones are inside.)

Check out the Nitobe Gardens.  If you haven’t heard about them by now, where have you been?! The Nitobe Garden is a peaceful Japanese garden right next to Place Vanier that you can easily while away an afternoon inside.

Go swimming. Did you know that your UBC card will get you into the aquatics centre, absolutely free?  Now you do!  This is one opportunity you can’t miss – fun and exercise for free, in one stop! And by the way, I also heard they have a gym in their basement, so you can save on your Birdcoop membership.

View some art. Another place that your UBC card will get you free admission in the Belkin Art Gallery.  I haven’t actually been there myself yet, but I plan to really soon, and you should too!


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5 Responses to Things You Can do FREE with your UBC Card

  1. Nikki

    hi, im not even in highschool and me and my friends are already planing to go to ubc.!
    do u think a single room room would be better then a shared room?

    • Hi Nikki, both are workable. I had a single room and was glad of it. Some roommates I knew worked very well, others did not. Personally, I liked being able to have my own space and be able to listen to music without headphones, etc. and not worry about when another person wants to get up or go to bed, etc. However I’m sure there are lots of fun things you could do with a roommate. In the end, it’s up to you.

  2. Sofia

    You also get Microsoft Office for free!

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