Fave Places to Eat On Campus

I’m no foodie, but as a first year living in residence, you can’t eat in the cafeteria EVERY night.  I mean, it’s good as far as cafeterias go, but there are definitely nights when you walk in and you’re not in the mood for anything they’re serving.  So as a non-food-expert, here are my top five places to get some noms on campus.

5. Subway in Pacific Spirit Place.  What can I say, I love Subway.  Conveniently located in the SUB, I can just go get me a good six inch sandwich. Omnomnom. And y’know, they happen to take your meal plan dollars there, if you happen to be a student living in a first year residence.


4. Booster Juice.  I don’t normally go here for actual meal-type food, but I sure do love me a Booster Juice smoothie.  (I realize it’s in the Village and not REALLY on campus, but it’s close enough.) Real fruit and healthiness and boosters with more nutrients in them… Ah.  So nice.  (And yes, they take the UBC Card/flex dollars!)


3. The Honour Roll.  Well, when you want sushi, you want sushi.  Many experienced sushi eaters I know have told me that the Honour Roll isn’t the greatest and is over priced, but for me, well hey, it’s pretty good.  I mean, yeah I have had better sushi, but it was in a higher end sit-down restaurant.  And this stuff sure beats the boxed sushi they sell in the dining hall.  And as an added bonus for students on the meal plan, they accept the meal plan flex dollars, so you don’t need to pay anymore than the couple thousand dollars you already have.


2. Pie R Squared.  When it comes to pizza on campus, this is where I like to eat.  Heck, when it comes to pizza anywhere, this is where I like to eat.  I used to be a Fresh Slice fanatic, but I’ve made the switch to Pie R Squared; there’s just something about their dough and their ingredients that makes the pizza lover in me happy.


1. Blue Chip Cookies.  Okay, it isn’t a place where you’d get a substantial meal, but dude!  Those cookies just make life a whole lot sweeter.  The Marbelous just makes my world go round.  And the muffins are pretty great too.  And you can use your meal plan flex dollars there, which if you couldn’t tell is a huge plus for me!


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  1. FYI, Sprouts has a Community Eats program every Friday where they offer lunch by donation: http://ubcsprouts.ca/commeats.php

    I’ve never tried it myself, but several of my friends flock there regularly on Fridays and the food certainly looks good!

  2. Rebecca

    Also check out the deli in the sub, they don’t take students cards but they do some pretty good curries and you can make your own sandwich but with good tasting, fresh ingredients – all of there sandwiches with avocado in are amazing. :)

  3. My 2nd favorite is the Pendulum (Blue Chip being first) I’m not quite sure why, it’s not the best food ever, it’s not the most affordable on campus, but it’s just so likable. It’s probably the mystery of this 9 inch pancake they have that I have yet to try…

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