I’ll be a MUG Leader Next Year!

I opened my email Friday afternoon, saw the subject line pop up in my inbox and hurriedly scrolled down the message to see


We believe that you would be an excellent addition to our program this year, and we would like to offer you the position of:

Music MUG Leader”


In two weeks I’ll get to attend a “March Welcome Event” and meet my fellow MUG Leaders, and I’m sure it’ll be one of those fun and spirited days that become one of your UBC experiences you’ll always remember. I’m looking forward to it!

I’m super pumped for next year’s Imagine Day already. This past year, I wasn’t a MUG Leader, so I kind of wandered around campus, feeling the energy of the day but not directly being a part of it, and I kind of regretted not applying to be a MUG Leader last spring. But next year will be different! I’m already excited to meet new music students and get to know them a bit and be a part of their first year (first day, even) at UBC.

I remember Imagine Day as being incredibly energized and inspiring, and the first day that I really felt as though I belonged on this campus. If I can be part of that again, and also create that experience for someone else, you can count me in!


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3 Responses to I’ll be a MUG Leader Next Year!

  1. Courtney

    Congrats on getting the position! :D I didn’t apply this year because I wasn’t sure that I knew enough about, well, everything. What is there to do for students who aren’t directly involved in Imagine Day? :S

    • Basically, you can hang around campus and wander around and eat free food, I think the music school puts on a concert outside, and you can check out club booths at the Main Event and get a root beer float. Other than that it’s mostly for first years.

  2. Kelvin

    congrats! Hope you’ll have fun being a great MUG Leader!

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