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Trying to Go Global

It’s been an idea kicking around in the back of my head ever since I heard UBC had exchange program, and my desire to go on exchange has only been growing as I learn what a good exchange program Go Global really is.  My mom had the opportunity to do an exchange to Japan when she was doing her Masters and she said if the opportunity is there, just take it. There’s nothing else like it.  And it seems that’s pretty much what anyone who’s gone on exchange has said.

Recently I was looking at the student reports on the Go Global website, and from the looks of it, only three music students have ever gone on exchange. Ever. I’m not surprised, since the way courses for music students is somewhat inflexible, but I’m expecting this to be a challenge.  And I will push through whatever red tape I have to to get to go on exchange!

So it’s pretty clear from an email conversation and the lack of student reports that the music advisor doesn’t have much experience with exchange, so I plan to go in to the Go Global Office as soon as I get back to campus in the fall. (I feel like not much will get done over email or phone.)  I also plan to get all my courses pre-approved so I don’t have to deal with any silliness when I get back to Canada!

P.S. I haven’t actually picked exactly where I want to go for exchange yet, but when I decide I’ll let you know!


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