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Life Lesson Learned

Namely, do not try to have someone to come install your home internet the week before school starts and expect them to be available by the end of the week.

To clarify, I’m getting back to Vancouver on Friday and thought hmm, I’d better get the internet put back in my apartment before the weekend or I’ll have to wait until Tuesday! Then it turned out that they won’t be coming til Thursday. I’ll have a fun week without internet… (Isn’t it amazing how dependent we are on internet? Seriously though first week comes with so many emails!)

Probably I’ll become an annoying patron of Save On Foods, hanging out in their restauranty area using their free wifi. Any blog posts from next week will probably be coming from there. And I will have so much to blog about! My first time as a MUG leader, and -hopefully- an interview for a Work Study position.

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