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I define technology as any digital tool (computer, iPad, mobile device), as well as the tools that you would use them with (internet, programs, social media).  Combined, these help to create my ideal pedagogical design of an enhanced learning experience.  I think that designers of learning experiences must be creative to ensure that their spaces are educational, captivating as well as encourage critical thinking among their users.  I would ensure that there are various forms of media available, such as videos containing information, but there can also be videos of the instructor delivering information.  This would give a face to face feel.  For the various types of learners, I would include, podcasts, visuals schemas.  There would have to be a discussion section, that were asynchronous as well as synchronous.  I also like the idea of frequent short assessments.  I know that this seems over ambitious but these are elements that I myself are found of in TELEs.

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  1. Hi Haneefa,

    I like that your ideal classroom includes many different modes of technology, from visual to audio to other presentation methods. I noticed that many of your suggested technologies (videos, podcasts, discussion forums) are many used for asynchronous activities. While you mentioned that both synchronous and asynchronous activities would take place in this learning environment, do you feel that technology enhanced learning is moving towards a totally asynchronous classroom even for elementary and secondary level schools? Will students at those levels benefit just as much or perhaps more with asynchronous learning?

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