Deeper Learning

I would define educational technologies as utilizing any too to enhance and transform students learning to take place across multiple modalities. It’s important for students to have a learning experience where they can dig deep into a particular concept and really master it rather than skim the surface of a many concepts.  I’m a big fan of project based learning and I find students are able to really own a topic when they can explore it in depth. I find educational technologies to be the rope the somewhat ties everything together. My students enjoy keeping the conversation around classroom topics going even after the 3 o’clock bell through our learning management system. It demonstrates to me how invested they are in a topic and allows we to guide their learning more clearly.

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  1. Hi Tyler,
    For my framing issues paper, I looked at problem-based learning and its distinction from project-based learning. Honestly, I had used the title PBL synonymously for them in the past. The research I did opened my eyes to the value of problem-based learning as a spring board to project-based learning, the students progressing through the problem and then branching out to direct their own learning. Have you ever used this approach? Are the students project based learning entirely self-directed in your room? Have you tried any problem-based learning and if so did it require a lot of prep work, both in preparation of the problem and preparation of the students to work in this different learning environment? Sorry for so many questions I just would love to hear from someone who has done it.

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