While exploring the networked communities of GLOBE and Journey North, I was reminded of Tomatosphere which is supported through the Canadian based organization Let’s Talk Science.


Tomatosphere supports inquiry learning for K-12 students, inviting students to act like scientists. The premise of this networked community is to provide students the opportunity to investigate the growing of food for space-like conditions. Students receive two packets of seeds, one space-simulated packet and one regular. Students are provided with a story narrative to help them contextualize the purpose of their proceeding investigations. Students then plant the seeds and observe and record germination data. Data is then submitted and collaborated with results from other Canadian classrooms. The site states that this data is used by Canadian scientists to further understand long-term space exploration issues.

The Tomatosphere site includes a fairly extensive online Resource Library, as well as printable resources for student planning, investigation processes and data keeping.

Enjoy exploring!



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