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One part of Assignment 2, Option 2 Design a TELE says to share your artefact, so I thought I would share mine on here:

I have created a website on Wix to showcase my grade 3 plant inquiry project. I have designed the project around the T-GEM learning theory, which helped me put the project into 4 steps. Please check it out when you have a few minutes. I would welcome any feedback you may have. Thank you!



  1. HI Allison,
    Thank you for sharing your project. I really enjoyed the lesson you created. I was wondering your thoughts on this section of your project:

    Students will create an Observation Booklet to record their daily measurements and observations.
    And that students can type their observations…

    Do you think that the observations booklets would work as a digital story? Students could create a digital story about their observations either on a program like storybird or a video observation log? This could include more technological skills that coincide with the ISTE standards and could also be posted as a means of assessment. With either method you could extend the arts component by including art work with the digital story or props and acting skills etc on the video observation log. Just some suggestions that I thought of while exploring your geat wix site.

    1. Thank you so much for looking at my project, Catherine, and for the awesome idea! I had been thinking about how to incorporate a video or stopmotion type activity. I wanted to share with them a true story of two different students planting roses for this project. One student went in every day and talked to his plant, watered it, and showed it so much love, compared to the other student who occasionally checked on her plant and did the bare minimum. By the time the science fair came around the little boy had a rose bloom whereas the girl’s plant did not. Thank you for showing me a way this could be incorporated – great connection! Thank you 🙂

  2. Hi Allison,

    Can I just start off and say how much I’ve enjoyed your sharing of your ideas through this course – you have inspired me!

    One wonderful aspect of the instructional frameworks that we explored during this course is that there are clear guidelines and steps to help guide us in incorporating meaningful inquiry with our students! You have a done an excellent job of incorporating meaningful inquiry into your TELE.

    While going through your site I recalled from the Journey North site an opportunity to plant tulip bulbs in the fall, and then observe, measure and record data in the spring that is shared online. I’ll share the link – it may make an interesting addition to your TELE {not necessary to add to your TELE, but to do alongside or at another time in the learning year.}

    Here’s the link:

    All the best as your “grow” 😉 with your students.

    1. Thank you for checking out my project, Jessica! And I really appreciate the link to the tulip project, what a great idea and connection! Thank you so much for sharing :).


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