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Now that online voting has closed, it’s time to pollute the waters of the Sea of Democracy with that most undemocratic of innovations – the opinion poll!!

We had 80 responses, and this violates pretty much every law of polling – no random sampling, no random ordering of the numbers, self-selecting respondents… so it’s pretty much worthless. But fun nonetheless! Check behind the jump.

Jeff Friedrich: 82%
Maxwell Maxwell: 18%

VP Academic
Jerry Fan Fan: 17%
Brendon Goodmurphy: 73%
Bruce Krayenhoff: 10%

VP Admin
Lougheed the Barbarian: 20%
Sarah Naiman: 39%
Suvina To: 41%

VP External
Chris Brush: 4%
Joel Kozwarski: 36%
Tom Masterson: 9%
Matt Naylor: 51%

VP Finance
Peter Rizov: 49%
Brittany Tyson: 51%

Board of Governors
Darren Peets: 67%
Jeff Friedrich: 65%
Aidha Shaikh: 24%
Tristan Markle: 11%
Rob McLean: 11%
Cris Marincat: 4%
Melody Ma: 2%
Hillson Tse: 2%

Jaspreet Khangura: 92%
Tariq Ahmed: 80%
Alfie Lee: 39%
Daniel Lin: 22%
Lawrence Song: 20%
Hillson Tse: 16%
Raymond Pang: 16%


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