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So I attended two events on campus yesterday, and rubbed shoulders with a some IMPORTANT PEOPLE as a result. And we all love to hear about important people, and their doings. Moreover, serious journalism inevitably gives way to tabloidy filler, (at least during exams when actually doing research is impossible).

S0, event #1 was a focus group to ask students about the new Alumni Centre that is going to be built as part of the U-boulevard plan. It’s going to be situated on the corner of U-boulevard and the stairwell coming up from the underground bus-loop. If U-boulevard goes through, that is. Funnily enough, nobody mentioned that. In any event, Barney, the fellow from the Alum Association was super keen about getting student ideas for the centre. They plan to make the centre a relaxed place for current students to hang out as well as for making the connection between alumni and current university and student life. Since the building will literally be the first thing you see when you arrive on campus, it’s a pretty exciting opportunity. Look for a post about the doings of the Alumni Association after exams – they’re up to some neat stuff. For the building, there’s five floors to play with. The Alum association figures they need 1.5 floors for their offices and volunteers, and another whole floor is taken up by a large bookable conference centre. There will be some professor emeritus offices in there too. That leaves about 2.5 floors of program space for us to play with. Brian Sullivan, the university’s VP students was in attendance (wearing a jaunty bow-tie to boot), as well as a slew of AMS execs (Brittany, Sarah, and Brendon), Tim Louman-Gardiner (who needs no introduction), Jamil Rhajiak of SUS, Marlisse Silver Sweeny, plus two other rez advisers whose names I forget, and a couple people from SAC. A lot of the discussion centred around creating a space and setting a tone that’s relevant and attractive to current students, while making it welcoming and useful to visiting alumni, faculty, grad students, and others. How can this building be a real meeting place between groups that don’t usually interact in a relaxed social setting?Here were some of the ideas:

  • Relaxed lounge/rec room space (foosball, couches, TV, etc) – ladha-esque.
  • more formal quiet study space, with smaller meeting rooms, some of which are bookable
  • inspiring space, to reflect on students’ connections to University, positive and negative
  • display space to create a sense of history and campus life: photos, artwork, cool projects, newsworthy items, and so forth.
  • ability to hold in/formal networking and mentoring events
  • usable by campus groups and clubs, at little/no cost
  • cafe or restaurant with mature adult food
  • welcome desk with comprehensive campus events calendar, archive resources (like e-yearbook), and all sorts of other campus information. Like a concierge.
  • computer terminals with access to library resources for alum
  • possible outlet for AMS business
  • index/database to connect Alumni in certain fields with students for mentorship
  • green roof

The other event I went to was a talk about drugs and gene doping in sports. Since it was pretty standard stuff, we wont’ get into the debate. It’s wrong, ok? here’s the whose who:

  • Gina Eom (also needs no introduction)
  • David Yuen (former VP admin)
  • Clark Funnell (AMS rep for SUS)
  • Aminollah Sabzevari (Safewalk assistant coordinator)

then I spotted former AMS president Kevin Keystone chatting on the grass on Student Union Boulevard. [/creepy]


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  1. Peter on April 22, 2007 2:53 am

    I’m curious: did the genetic enhancement thing deal exclusively with sports? Because that would have made for a pretty boring discussion.

    If it didn’t: what was the outcome of the debate? Is it unethical to genetically enhance future generations? Is that not the next step in our culturally-stimulated evolutionary process?

  2. Maayan Kreitzman on April 22, 2007 4:33 am

    no, it was boring. professional sport is lame, and people that spend their time thinking about it are lamer.

    I thought it would be along the lines you suggest…evolution in humans right now certainly doesn’t work in the same way it once did. We’re not really close to the point where genetic enhancement/fixing becomes heritable though – it’s not very effective now. I think that’s the point when the real issues begin.

  3. David on April 22, 2007 7:21 am

    professional sport is lame, and people that spend their time thinking about it are lamer.

    Surely you generally think before making absurd blanket statements like that. To the best of my knowledge you’re a fairly big Tim L-G fan, yet clearly he is quite lame as he spends a great deal of time thinking about professional sport. Just curious as to why you think professional sport is lame, or so casually insult a great deal of the Canadian population.

  4. Maayan Kreitzman on April 22, 2007 3:25 pm

    I think i was being facetious.

  5. Tim Louman-Gardiner on April 22, 2007 6:14 pm

    Yeah, not gonna lie, Tim likey the sporty.

    ‘specially the Ottawa Senators who know how to close out a playoff series.

  6. Matthew Naylor on April 23, 2007 8:27 am

    I’m so very sad. (SOB) So sad. I just got back from the CASA regional transition (which is incidentally why Jeff and I weren’t (SOB) at the aforementioned event), and the last thing I saw before a rather unpleasant plane ride was the end of the Flames playoff chances. (SOB)

    (SOB) Go, Sens, (SOB) Go!

  7. Anonymous on April 23, 2007 4:35 pm

    Nobody is cheering for the Canucks?
    It’s our home team and we aren’t out yet(at least before this evening).

  8. Anonymous on April 24, 2007 6:41 am

    For the record it’s Clark FunnelL (The second L isn’t actually capitalized… I just wanted to emphasize the fact that there are two l’s. Oh, apparently I can use HTML tags. I guess I’ll bold it too.)

    And for the record (a different record), I’m not one to make generalizations, but ANYONE who has EVER watched ANY sporting event is LAME. Just saying.


    Cameron Gerald Funnell
    (Clark’s brother)

  9. David on April 24, 2007 7:04 pm

    The genetic enhancement lecture was a bit disappointing; while going over the ethics of why sports ability enhancement using drugs was unethical, there was a mere glossing over of non-therapeutic genetic therapy, which is what I really would have liked to hear about and discuss.

    On another note… I’m an “important people”?! Yay!

    -David Yuen

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