Allan McEachern, Chancellor of UBC, dies at 81.

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Allan McEachern, UBC’s chancellor passed away last night. No more details are available at this time. McEachern became UBC’s chancellor in 2002, and this year marked the end of his term. A UBC alumnus several times over, McEachern earned his Bachelor of Arts and his Law degree here. In 1990 he was awarded an honorary doctor of Laws degree.

Throughout a long and distinguished career both in legal practice, and as a judge, he was involved in many significant cases and handed down several landmark rulings, including one that denied aboriginal title to the Gitskan first nation, setting the precedent for aboriginal land settlements through government treaty processes, not the courts. McEachern served as the Chief Justice of both the B.C. Supreme Court, and the B.C. Appeal Court, the highest court in the province. Justice McEachern only retired from the bench in 2001 at 75, the next year accepting the appointment as UBC’s chancellor at the recommendation of the UBC Alumni Association.

May he rest in peace.

More on Allan McEachern’s life and career to follow from Tim.


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