Darren Peets, by the incomparable JJ McCullough (don’t sue me JJ!)
Governor Peets’s priceless pearls of wisdom. Listen up BoG candidates!!

Can a bog rep actually make a difference?

Yes, absolutely, but it may not always be obvious to more than ~50 people, very few of whom are students. The turnaround time may also be very slow.

How much time does it take to know enough for each meeting?
“Enough”? Arguably infinite. To do a good job, reading the docket will take a full day or three, and following up on items in it may eat up another day or two. It depends on how much you already know, to what depth you’re inclined to dig on an issue, and how good you are at sifting out the issues that most require attention.

What’s the fastest/best way to make BoG members respect and listen to you?
Have a number of valid, thoughtful points, and not waste their time with minor issues or technicalities you could have asked or suggested to staff. Shmoozing ability is highly overrated in this regard.

what’s the most important issue that’ll be facing this year’s BoG reps?
I have a campus development bias, so I’m going to say one of U Blvd, South Campus “ecodensity”, municipal governance, or the Vancouver Campus Plan.

what would you do differently if you could try again?
Try to get introduced to, talk with, and be known to all the appointees well before turnover. The first meeting would have gone significantly better.

how many free meals did you get this year?
Not many in 2008 yet. In the Board term so far? I have no idea, and it would not be easy to count.


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  1. Fire Hydrant on January 18, 2008 7:07 am

    As a follow-up to the last question, here’s another you could have asked:

    How many times did you fly between Kelowna and Vancouver on a chartered jet, strapped to a toilet?


    Board’s a pretty unique position…

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