Issue of the Day: Sustainability

Posted by: | January 23, 2008 | 3 Comments

I like to think of myself as an environmentalist, and its definitely how I got my start in student politics – co-chairing the Student Environment Centre for two years. Those two years were spent feeling frustrated and overwhelmed – partly because of the generally poor organizational structure of the SEC (and other Resource Groups), and […]

Letter to the Editor, re: VFM

Posted by: | January 23, 2008 | 14 Comments

This was sent to us as an anonymous letter to the editor, and we would like to run it as continued discourse on the VFM: How to Drink the VFM’s Milkshakename withheld upon request The VFM contest would have very easy to hack this year. The main problem with VFM is that it is extremely […]

Disconnected sundry thoughts

Posted by: | January 22, 2008 | 13 Comments

VFM Hasn’t FailedLast year we (the VFMs, collectively) created a discourse around issues in the election, and there was a meaningful campaign for the first time in a long while. This year has been less successful, but the media are still influencing how candidates comport themselves and, heck, we even convinced a joke candidate to […]

Maayan's Endorsements

Posted by: | January 21, 2008 | 19 Comments

Well, I figure there’s no point waiting any longer. If you care, here’s who I’ll be voting for, and briefly why. I haven’t included a scientific dissection of each candidate’s pros and cons, though I’m happy to discuss this in more detail in the comments. President: Erin Rennie – I talked about this in an […]

The UNA aren’t the fat-cats we students like to imagine. The University Town Neighbourhoods are the five outlying areas of UBC’s campus that have been leased out to private developers for the purpose of building high-end residential neighbourhoods, and thereby growing UBC’s financial endowment. The university has envisioned these neighbourhoods as part of making UBC […]

One of the things people most frequently mention about UBC Insiders is that the posts are often wordy, and lacking in sass. This should remediate both of those. photos and comments behind the cut (warning, there’s lots!)Ubyssey staff Brandon Adams and Jesse Ferreras, huddling before the debates start. Or exchanging sweet nothings. Not that there’s […]

Voting started yesterday (Friday). As you may have noticed, the system being used is the archaic and inflexible WebVote hosted on the UBC Student Services site, not the new AMSLink system purchased by the AMS this year, which is still not functioning. If you tried to vote, you may also have noticed that the VFM […]

Jeff Friedrich is the current AMS president. These are his words. (Cartoon by JJ McCullough):Ok… not to add fuel to the endorsement fire- but endorsing joke candidates? Maayan and Timmy, I think you two can step up and make a real choice here. And nothing against Erin, but being a joke candidate affords you a […]

Erin Rennie. The posture of a winner! Photo Gerald Deo Tim beat me to the punch, but I swear my draft was here first. I decided to vote for Erin Rennie yesterday at around 12:15. Tim’s got good reasons to choose her; I feel similarly. She’s got council experience, reams of brains, and a far […]

TLG's Guide to Voting

Posted by: | January 18, 2008 | 6 Comments

Now don’t go and get your knickers in a knot – these aren’t endorsements. Far be it from me to, from the comfort of my 26th-story office, pass judgment on candidates I barely know, in an election in which I am ineligible to cast a vote. So rather than saying whom to vote for, I’ll […]

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