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It’s the most wonderful time of year. The happy time of midterms, papers, 15+ page lab reports being due every week (I’m looking at you, physiology), presentations, and whatever else might be on students’ overflowing plates. It also happens to be the time when you notice that people’s eyes are bloodshot, when students have a sort of dead look in their eyes courtesy of sleep deprivation. I know I’ve certainly been in that boat the past 3 weeks or so, and my sleep deficit is quickly accumulating. Like many students, I have reverted back to the wonderful kindergarten custom of napping. As such, I figured that it would be good to share some great napping locations with all of y’all.

Irving K. Learning Center.
This library accommodates both the shy and the outright napper. Small armchairs located in the wings of the building are perfect for those of you who want to sleep, but don’t want people to really notice you- you can curl up in some of the chairs, put a book in your lap to pretend you’re reading, while actually dozing off for an hour or two. The armchairs are also conveniently tucked away in corners behind walls and other such barriers, so no one will disturb your rest. For those of you who don’t care who sees you napping, there are plenty of places to lie down in the library, some of which are even cushioned. Plus, it’s a library, so it’s quiet! A definite plus for napping. And there’s air conditioning, so you get some fresh air, and it doesn’t get stuffy. Although walking people and the smell of new building may, in some cases, detract from your sleeping experience.
Overall, this location gets 4.5 futons out of 5.

The Aquatic Center.
While I personally have yet to go there, I have been told that the smell of chlorine and the warmth of the air are perfect combinations to knock someone o- I mean, help them fall asleep. Apparently, it’s also fairly comfortable, and there is lots of room for you to lie down. And no one should disturb you either, as you’re not taking up space in study rooms or something crazy like that, which is always a bonus- although there are usually multiple sleepers there, so you really have to watch out for people who might snore or talk in their sleep. I’d suggest monitoring which times of day attract the least number of questionable persons, and then schedule your nap times in around that. I’ll have to check it out myself sometime. In the meantime, however, I give it 3 futons out of 5. Mostly because I don’t love chlorine, but each to their own.

Buchanan A200 lounge.
Filled with couches and plenty of flat surfaces on which you can lie down, this room provides you not only with the perfect napping facilities, but also includes a snack bar which can serve you things like hot chocolate and brownies once you wake up. Granted, it’s not completely quiet. You may also be thinking- but what if I’m not an Arts student? The trick here is to bring your favourite Arts textbook (say, economics or psychology texts), and put it somewhere conspicuous (but don’t be too obvious about it, or else it will look like you’re pretending to be an Arts student) so that you don’t get any looks. I thus give this space 4 futons out of 5.

Abdul Ladha Science Student Space.
As a science student, I spend a fair amount of time in this building. I am thus quite familiar with the blue couches that are oh-so-suitable for napping, and which are mostly located on the 2nd floor of the building. I recently also discovered the back corner of the first floor, which is often unoccupied in the early morning hours- while this space has no couches, it does have a plethora of chairs, which cane be arranged to serve as a sort of bed. The space is great for the morning- but be warned. With the advent of lunchtime, there noise level definitely increases, as do the number of people who like to move furniture around and thus produce excessive amounts of noise. On the whole, I feel like the building deserves 3 futons out of 5 for napping purposes.

Now, I know it’s a big library, and it was institutional lighting, but what better place is there to take a nap? You’re surrounded by a myriad of textbooks, most of which may push you over that brink of sleep. Plus, if you go up to the third floor, it’s really quiet, pretty deserted, and there are several study rooms. I’d suggest that you book some of those, and invite some of your fellow nap-needy classmates and have napping sessions. Not only does that make it safer, but at least you’re then not filling up multiple study rooms. Note, however, that you should make sure that your classmates aren’t noisy sleepers, as this will mostly likely detract from your ability to rest. I’d suggest ear plugs if you can’t find another way out.

Liu Center for Global Research.

This one is great- it’s far away from the center of the campus, which means that most people are too lazy to make the trek out there. However, there is a wonderful grad student lounge there, complete with several couches, and there’s usually no one around (except for lunch time, when I suggest you move to avoid grad students poking you). It’s perfectly quiet, has a wonderful view of the forest that you can fall asleep and wake up to, and comes with a microwave to warm your food up in when your nap is over.

That concludes the post- let me know if there are any places you may recommend. I was going to write about MASS, but there are few sleeping places there, although the armchairs are sort of comfy. But very conspicuous. In any case- feel free to weigh in on your napping experiences. Happy sleeping!


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  1. Ashley on October 30, 2008 5:48 am

    The Asian library! Outside the actual library in the lobby type area I suppose. There’s these red couches.

    Now I haven’t napped there since first year, since I live on campus now and tend to just go home to my own bed to pass out, but if it’s anything like it was 3 years ago, it’s got these super comfy red couches, and it’s incredibly quiet and tucked away in behind other buildings so people don’t go there much unless they have a reason. I spent many an afternoon there sleeping away my 5 hour breaks, since I hadn’t quite grasped the concept of effective class schedule planning back in those days. Haha.

  2. Alex Lougheed on October 30, 2008 7:44 am

    One of the interesting great questions I’ve encountered in my position involves the role of future libraries, now that stacks are largely going digital.

    A serious consideration was that nap-space could fall within the new library program. I shit you not. And it seems somewhat reasonable too… who else would pick up the job of hosting a safe nap space?

    In first year the Aquatic Centre was my home away from home.

  3. twilightcity on October 30, 2008 9:48 am

    confession: underneath the war room table in the AUS office is quickly becoming my new favourite place for a cat nap. of course, as small as i am, sometimes i need to fight other aus councillors for the space.

    does this signify a need for a (monitored), designated nap space in the (new) SUB, perhaps? hint hint…

    – scary.

  4. Patrick on October 30, 2008 10:47 am

    Hah! The best space of all was left out! Geography lounge!

    Best couches on campus, I swear.

    Though there are some gems on here that I’d completely forgotten about, brilliant article!

  5. Sunshine on October 30, 2008 6:33 pm

    Scary: I also think there needs to be a designated spooning area in the new SUB. There have been so many times I’ve napped in the AC and wanted to ask a fellow napper if they would consider cuddling. Imagine a place where this is not only expected, but encouraged!

    – Sonja

  6. y on June 9, 2012 11:32 am


    Thanks you so much for the post! I’m going to UBC this year and I’ve been also wondering abt napping places, for I’ll live at home.

    A concern from me is that how to keep oneself and the belongings safe when ur sleeping? I heard there’re lockers but wht abt the person sleeping? (it’s been 4 years, do u still manage the blog? =p )

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